OnStar Brings The Power of 4G LTE To The Chevy Volt. Pine Belt Chevy in Eatontown

Combined with the power of 4G LTE, OnStar is looking to take vehicle connectivity to a whole new level in the future with Skype, Twonky and others being demonstrated in a Chevrolet Volt research vehicle.
The conceptual in-car infotainment system, developed by OnStar in partnership with Verizon, provides access to the Cloud through the Verizon 4G LTE network and allows for direct access to streaming content from a home computer or via a popular streaming service.

The research vehicle has three different content ‘zones’; the driver can stream music, while rear passengers can control their entertainment from screens mounted on the headrests. With everyone in their ‘zone’ passengers can create the ride they are looking for, or share content with other passengers. It doesn’t come more custom, or cool than that.

Additionally, OnStar built on its work with Smart Grid technology to create an at home control system. The connection provides control of a home thermostat, lights, garage door and other systems through the in-vehicle energy management app.

While the applications shown in the Volt research vehicle are only conceptual, they demonstrate future opportunities powered by OnStar.

“These applications are just a glimpse of what is possible when you combine the cloud computing capabilities of OnStar and the power of the Verizon 4G LTE network,” said Nick Pudar, OnStar’s vice president of business development. “Moving forward we want to continue to provide a comprehensive suite of connected services and create a seamless and safe in-vehicle experience.”

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Pine Belt Chevy: The Chevrolet Sonic vs The Competition

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Pine Belt Chevy – Truck Month – 0% for 72 Months

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Presidents Day Extended @ Pine Belt Chevrolet – Your Ocean Chevy Dealer

Chevy Nabs Five Kelly Blue Book Awards

Resale value. We understand that it’s a critical factor driving people’s decisions on what new vehicle to buy. At Chevy, it means designing, engineering and producing vehicles that perform beyond expectations now and maintain their quality and value over the long haul. It’s because of this dedication that five of our 2012 vehicles received the Best Resale Value Award by Kelley Blue Book. The 2012 Chevy winners by category are:

  • Sports Car: Camaro V6

  • Electric Car: Volt

  • High-Performance Car: Camaro SS

  • Full-Size SUV: Traverse

  • Overall Top Ten Cars: Camaro

Jack Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book’s kbb.com says consumer research is especially important during tough economic times. “When keeping every dollar in your wallet as possible, car buyers should carefully review this year’s 2012 Best Resale Value award winners,” Nerad said. At Chevy we’re learned that even small changes can lead to big improvements. For example, the Camaro V6 — the only winner in the best sports car category — now features a 323-horsepower V6 as its base engine for improved performance. Its sister model and winner in the high-performance category, Camaro SS, broke with tradition offering a multi-link rear suspension instead of a live axle to improve handling on twisting roads. The gas-electric Volt (available to order at participating dealers) and Traverse — winners in the electric and full-size SUV categories — have also ventured away from traditional thinking to meet the changing needs of drivers. “Vehicle depreciation is a new-car buyer’s biggest expense, yet many shoppers don’t realize that resale value information is available for free on Kelley Blue Book’s kbb.com”, Nerad said.  “Taking the time to research and choose vehicle makes, models and options wisely now can help new-car shoppers get as much money as possible when they sell or trade-in the vehicle in the future.” To Chevy, the greatest reward is that drivers can turn to us knowing they will get the best value. That’s why we continue to push ourselves to improve each and every model every year. We don’t do it for awards, but it is nice to have something shiny to put on the shelves.

Pine Belt Chevy Express Service Starts on 2/13/2012

Pine Belt Chevrolet of Eatontown is pleased to announce on February 13, 2012 we will now be offering Chevrolet Express Service in Eatontown NJ! No appointment is necessary. Just visit Pine Belt Chevrolet of Eatontown for any of the following Express Services:

  • Oil & Filter Changes
  • Tire Rotation
  • Tire Replacement
  • Complimentary Multi Point Inspection
  • Wiper Blade Replacement
  • Air Filter

Pine Belt Chevrolet of Eatontown is happy to service you with the #1 Rated Service Chevrolet Service Department in the North East Region. Pine Belt Chevrolet of Eatontown is located off exit 105 of the Garden State Parkway. We have been servicing the Chevrolet needs of Monmouth and Ocean county for years now. Feel free to swing by and receive top notch service on your vehicle. We are proud to service all makes and models!

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Pine Belt Auto: 10 Steps to Better Your MPG. www.PineBeltAuto.com

1) Maintain Your Vehicle. A car in poor condition may use more gas than one that has been well maintained and tuned up. Incorrect fuel ratio, bad spark plugs and incorrect spark timing can have a big effect on gas mileage. Spark Plugs in poor condition can reduce gas mileage up to 12%

2) Check Your Air Filter. Almost 25% of cars are running on a dirty air filter. Changing a dirty filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10-20%!

3) Make Sure Your Tires are Properly Inflated. Under inflated tires can adversely affect a car’s mileage and lead to uneven and/or premature wear. Properly inflating problem tires is like knocking 11 cents off a gallon of gas!

4) Observe the Speed Limit. Although each vechicle reaches its optimal fuel economy at different ranges of speed, gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds over 60 mph. Put it in perspective: Driving over 60 mph is like paying an extra $0.28 per gallon for gas. Not to mention that observing the speed limit is also safer!

5) Use Cruise Control. Using cruise control on the highway can help you maintain a constant speed and will help you save on gas.

6) Don’t Idle. One of the easiest ways to save gas is to turn off a car’s engine while waiting at a curb or sitting at an extended stoplight for more than 30 seconds.

7) Go Easy on The Brakes & Gas Pedal. Avoid “jackrabbit” starts by accelerating gradually whenever possible. The smoother you accelerate and decelerate, the better your gas mileage, with potential gas savings of 33 percent on the highway and five percent around town. This will not only increase your gas mileage, but also prolong the life of your brakes!

8 ) Remove Excess Weight. Avoid keeping any unnecessary items in your vehicle, especially those that are heavy. Reducing the vehicle’s weight is the easiest way to improve your fuel economy. Carrying an additional 100 pounds around can increase a vehicle’s energy consumption by 1-2%. For every 100 pounds unloaded, you’re saving about 6 cents per gallon!

9) Reduce Drag. Around half of your vehicles energy is expended overcoming air resistance, with the other half expending in acceleration. Reduce your car’s workload by removing anything that may cause drag, such as luggage, bike or ski racks. Also keep your windows closed whenever possible, as open windows actually reduce gas mileage compared to using the air conditioning.

10) Combine Errands into One Trip. Consolidate your trips and errands to destinations that are near one another. Once you arrive, park and walk between destinations. Try to save errands for one afternoon and plan your out your trip. You will save gas and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle!

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2011 Pine Belt Chevy Avalanche – Your #1 Coast Chevy Minutes from the Sea Dealer Ocean & Eatontown NJ.

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2011 Chevrolet Avalanche Z71 Beautiful ’11 Chevy Avalanche with a 5.3L V8 engine. This LT model has leather seating with power and heated seats, power sun and moon roof, in-dash navigation system with back-up camera. The Chevy Avalanche is a … Continue reading