New York Mets Kevin Burkhardt & Pine Belt Nissan

Pine Belt Nissan Spokesperson is a fast rising star in the world of sports broadcasting

 Tune in to any New York Mets game on television and it won’t be long before you see New Jersey native, Kevin Burkhardt roving the stands, speaking with celebrities and politicians in attendance, interviewing players and managers, mixing it up on air with former Met greats and announcers, Keith Hernandez & Ron Darling, or just giving his own unique spin on the game. 

 He has been known to host and guest on many baseball and football themed shows on the SNY network. He is the voice of the Dallas Cowboys on their radio network. Nearly 30,000 sports fans follow his frequent posts on Twitter.  During baseball season, every day he is quoted or referenced in the sports section of just about every major New York dally newspaper… With a recent full article written just about his expanding role on television appearing in the New York Post.

 During Burkhardt’s tenure as the Mets field reporter, there have been many stories told of his pre-broadcasting “training”.  To hone his future kills, throughout his teens, Kevin would call games and produce his own postage shows while playing baseball video games at home.  There was only one brief stint when Burkhardt ever abandoned his broadcasting career path… And that was to sell cars for the Pine Belt Automotive family of dealerships.   In those seven months away from the microphone, Kevin used his gift of speech and outgoing personality to do well for himself in the car business, but soon longed to return to his chosen profession.   Lucky for Pine Belt, Burkhardt forged a long-standing bond with the organization and many of it’s core people during that short time, and in the past few years, has returned to the fold as the official Spokesperson for Pine Belt NIssan.

 Now, all over the airwaves, Kevin Burkhardt’s increasingly recognizable voice and face can be heard and seen in many of Pine Belt’s radio and television advertisements… And Pine Belt Nissan could not think of a better representative and friend to help spread the word about the of the Power of Pine Belt!


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