Cadillac CUE technology wins award at CES

We knew the Cadillac CUE technology was going to be a cool feature the first time we were informed of it. Now, before it has even been released.

The Cadillac CUE can store up to 10 mobile devices.

on the first Cadillac car in Toms River, NJ, the CUE has won a major award.

Cadillac CUE received a Popular Mechanics Top Gadgets of CES 2012: Editor’s Choice Award at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas recently. Considered the pinnacle of all that is new technology, CES has some of the most innovative and best technology available on display. The CUE beat out some stiff competitors and made Cadillac the only car company to receive an award at the show.

CUE stands for Cadillac User Experience, and it is an entirely new way to experience connectivity in your Cadillac. It allows for up to 10 mobile devices to be stored and channeled into a central portal for the user to enjoy. It features top technology as well, including capacitive touch, which is the use of electrodes to sense when your finger is near the screen. It was innovation like this that won the Popular Mechanics award for Cadillac.

Consumers will get their first taste of the CUE system on the 2013 Cadillac XTS in Toms River. Coming in late spring to Bill Jacobs Cadillac, the XTS is a luxury crossover that has been creating a lot of buzz in the industry prior to its release. It’s sure to be a favorite in the lineup of Cadillac cars in Joliet, IL. In addition, CUE will also be available on the 2012 Cadillac ATS, a smaller sport sedan that will reach the dealer lots this summer.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the car industry. And with a full stock of Cadillac cars and trucks, Pine Belt Cadillac is right in the center of it.


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