Pine Belt Cadillac showing off latest technology – CUE

You know Cadillac has hit the big-time in its technology when it is put on display at the Consumer Electronics Show. That’s the case this month, as Cadillac will be showing off its latest innovation with the CUE technology taking center stage at the show in Las Vegas Jan. 10-13.

Those in attendance at the show will learn about the Cadillac CUE system, which is a “comprehensive in-vehicle experience that merges intuitive design with auto industry-first controls and commands for information and entertainment data.” In addition to the technology itself, Cadillac will also be discussing the methods of research the company used when creating the CUE (Cadillac User Experience).

While we at Pine Belt Cadillac, your Cadillac dealer in Toms River New Jersey, won’t be in attendance at the Consumer Electronics Show, we are interested to find out as much information as we can about the Cadillac CUE system. The CUE will be in place on new 2012 models, like the Cadillac XTS and ATS, as well as the SRX luxury crossover.

It’s difficult to explain all the features that the CUE system offers, but we think that Don Butler, Vice President of Cadillac Marketing, summed it up pretty good for people such as those in attendance at the Consumer Electronics Show. He also stressed that even if you’re not up on everything that is technology, you can have a great experience using the CUE.

“For the tech-savvy, it’s everything you want it to be – a full suite of infotainment, navigation and communication tools that keeps you full connected,” Butler said. “For the tech-averse, its power is remarkably simple, intuitive and accessible.”

At Pine Belt Cadillac, we’re pumped to try out the CUE system for ourselves on some of our new Cadillac cars in Oakhurst NJ. And we’re also ready to pass that experience on to you.


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