OnStar Launches Volt Mobile App

OnStar Launches Volt Mobile App- A message from Walt Dorfstatter, OnStar President.

One reason why I love working at OnStar is because I know we are providing great services to drivers on the road. Our services, whether it’s Automatic Crash Response, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Hands-Free Calling or Stolen Vehicle Assistance, do more than provide safety, security, and peace of mind to our subscribers. Our services connect people with their vehicles.

Now, we’re using our 13 years of knowledge, learnings and vehicle connectivity to give people a new way to interact. We are launching the OnStar® Mobile application2 for the Chevrolet Volt, our upcoming electric vehicle with extended range. Volt has technology beyond the battery, and our application is the first fully functional mobile application specialized for an electric vehicle in the industry. We’re proud to be a leader in this field.

In our research, we know Volt drivers will have a strong interest in their driving history and will want the ability to know the charge level of the Volt’s lithium-ion battery when they are not in the car. Using the OnStar® Mobile app, they can see the state of charge and estimated EV range, and can even start charging the vehicle without being near it, as long as the car is plugged in. The Volt will come with OnStar’s traditional services as well.

About the Dealer-

Pine Belt Chevrolet of Eatontown is an All American Chevy company that has bee servicing the community since 1937. We are located right between Middletown and Ocean NJ. We are looking to service your Chevy needs in any way possible. Feel free to give us a call direct @ 732-542-1000 or take a look on our website which is

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