Pine Belt Cadillac CTS: Overview


The award-winning 2011 CTS Sport Sedan blends stunning design, driving dynamics and technology in a way that delights enthusiasts and luxury-seekers alike. Inside the carefully crafted cabin, it’s all about details, with cut and-sewn accents and available ambient lighting, Sapele wood trim like that used in the finest guitars, and heated and ventilated seats. There’s even an available heated steering wheel. What’s more, you can tailor the CTS Sport Sedan to your personal taste by selecting either the available Luxury, Performance or Premium Collection. And when it comes to performance, CTS delivers. The performance-oriented rear- or available All-Wheel Drive is complemented by a suspension tuned on Germany’s famed Nürburgring racetrack to help ensure precise handling. Power comes from a 270 HP 3.0L direct injection V6 engine, or available 304 HP 3.6L direct injection V6. Both offer more power with reduced emissions compared to engines without direct injection technology. A 6-speed manual or available 6-speed automatic transmission emphasizes performance driving. The 2011 CTS Sport Sedan. Luxury, technology and performance come together.


Exterior design aligns elegant style with functional benefits that include:

  • Crisp, dramatic lines with wheels pushed out to the corners for an aggressive stance and enhanced cornering capability
  • Jeweled headlamps with available Xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID) that offer improved nighttime visibility
  • Signature vertical taillamps use LED technology that illuminate faster than traditional bulbs, last longer and give an unmistakable Cadillac look


Power and fuel efficiency come together in the 3.0L V6, with 270 HP and 3.6L V6 engine with 304 HP:

  • Direct injection technology helps CTS offer more power while maintaining economy and lowering emissions. It delivers fuel more precisely to increase the efficiency of combustion. This means less fuel is consumed1. Another advantage: CTS V6 engines use less expensive regular (87 octane) unleaded fuel, unlike other luxury competitive cars that require premium fuel.
  • Variable Valve Timing (VVT) allows the cam timing to change, which helps with greater efficiency and power over a wider range of engine RPMs
  • A choice of either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission that includes Performance Algorithm Shifting (PAS). PAS lets the electronic transmission controller override the automatic gear selection during closed-throttle, high-lateral acceleration maneuvers. This minimizes transmission upshifts during closed throttle driving and cornering to maintain the correct gear and helps eliminate transmission “busyness”


The performance-oriented rear-wheel drive (RWD) chassis is carefully balanced for precise handling and control, and is designed with:

  • Short- and long-arm (SLA) 4-wheel independent Sport suspension tuned on Germany’s famed Nürburgring track to ensure the optimum balance of ride quality and performance handling
  • An available limited-slip differential—during cornering, this feature allows the rear wheels to turn at different speeds, but varies torque from left to right for optimum traction at the rear corners
  • StabiliTrak electronic stability control system that uses sensors to detect the difference between the steering wheel angle and the direction the vehicle is turning. It can then apply quick, precise force to the appropriate brakes to help the driver control the vehicle’s direction to help keep it on course
  • Available All-Wheel Drive (AWD) that offers driving confidence in less-than-ideal weather conditions. AWD can transfer torque to some or all wheels, depending upon conditions. This allows the system to maximize fuel economy or traction, or choose the appropriate combination of the two


    The available navigation system features:

    • An 8″ diagonal screen that retracts into the dash, but leaves the top inch visible as the touch-screen display for the audio system
    • A 40 GB hard drive with 10 GB that can store approximately 2,000 songs
    • Pause-and-play radio—much like a built-in DVR for your car stereo—lets you pause live radio (including XM Radio3), record up to 20 minutes of audio, then play it back at a later time. This capability remains even when the vehicle is turned off. For example, you can listen to a game on XM Radio3, pause the live broadcast, then turn off the car to refuel. When you get back in, resume from where you left off
    • Available Destination Download that helps you get directions from an OnStar4 advisor who can send the destination to the nav system
    • Available OnStar4 eNav that enables you to send Google Maps™5 or MapQuest®5 destinations to your nav and access them anytime
    • A 10-speaker Bose® 5.1 surround sound system
    • USB port6
    • Full iPod7 integration
    • Bluetooth®8 for phone interface
    • XM Radio3 with three-month trial that features exclusive entertainment, commercial-free music channels and a lot more
    • XM NavTraffic9 that gives you live traffic updates when you need them most


      Get a clear view of what’s behind you with this available feature:

      • Provides a panoramic view of the vehicle’s projected path when vehicle is put in reverse
      • View is intuitively displayed in the rearview mirror, or in the navigation system screen (if equipped)
      • Separately available Ultrasonic Rear Park Assist issues audible warnings if the vehicle is within a specified distance of a detected stationary object


      This technology is combined with available Xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps:

      • Adaptive Forward Lighting uses sensors to read speed and steering angle and swivels the HID headlamps up to 15 degrees to follow direction of travel, enhancing nighttime vision
      • HID headlamps, with their signature bluish light, last longer and can offer better nighttime vision
      • Jeweled headlamp design integrates Cadillac’s signature light-pipe technology for dramatic nighttime presence

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